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We work closely with our incredible speakers to offer you as much value and insight as we possibly can; before, during and after our events. As such, we have some great offers for you to help you continue to develop your wedding business.


12 Habits of Successfully Booked Up Wedding Suppliers - Terry Lewis

WEDx Speaker and Marketing Mastermind Terry Lewis has developed a great strategy to secure meaningful clients. 

The 12 Habits is the distillation of proven marketing strategies gained from vast experience inside the wedding industry. Strategies I've used to transform my wedding business and the businesses of other wedding professionals.

When I eventually understood the formula to wedding bookings success, I wondered if I was just fortunate or if what I was doing would only work inside my business. I also wondered if I could it help others? So I decided to test it; I systemised everything successful that I did into a formula, and began teaching that formula to other wedding professionals… and they began to get amazing results as well.

It was then that I knew I had cracked the code.

 Over time I refined the formula to make it as actionable, influentail and motiational as possible. I identified the 12 keys that led to success and they evolved into what I now teach as the 12 Habits of Successfully Booked Up Wedding Suppliers.

Through the internet I’m able to impact wedding suppliers around the world in cities like London - New York - Toronto - Paris - Milan - Hong Kong - Seoul - Sydney and more. If you are struggling with your wedding business this is your way out because after reading the 12 Habits, you'll gain a powerful insight on how to:

  • Get paid your worth

  • Get motivated and stay motivated

  • Get listed at venues

  • Avoid price shoppers

  • Be seen as a go to supplier

This book is an absolute must if you want to increase your income and bookings. Part guide, part workbook, these 12 Habits are nothing short of a gold dust business plan!


She Made It Happen: 22 Inspiring Stories from Female Entrepreneurs Around the World

WEDx Speaker and Business Coach Lisa Johnson features in this inspirational collection of stories teaching you how to succeed by example. 

For some female entrepreneurs, making a dream into reality can be a daunting prospect. 

Perhaps you lack the confidence to put your latest plans into action? Maybe the prospect of change frightens you a little? Or maybe you simply just need help to map out which steps to take next.

In this book, you will hear from 22 inspirational female entrepreneurs from all around the world, who at one point felt just the same.

From their stories, we will learn how each woman overcame the same entrepreneurial challenges you might be facing right now, to achieve their own dreams, and create a life they love.

This book contains first-hand accounts from these entrepreneurial women on how they started their businesses and changed their lives for the better. We pass on the lessons they have learned through hard-won experience, which can be applied to anyone at any stage on an entrepreneurial journey. 

One year from now, won't you wish you had started today?

Read on, and be ready to feel inspired by these amazing women.

Dr. Anna May Terry         Georgina Graham
Mel Deague                        Danielle Canty
Rebecca Lockwood          Deborah Hurwitz
Lisa Johnson                      Eirian Cohen
Sabrina Müller                  Michelle Childs
Nadine Crespo                  Helen Reed
Linda Morrison                 Abigail Horne
Emma Stirk                        Dr. Bunmi Aboaba
Jennifer Duffee                 Lindsay Van Zuidam
Jénnifer Hardie                 Melissa Marie Lowndes
Denise Mortimer              Holly Matthews