What is WEDx?

In a shiny nutshell, the place for WEDucation and training for entrepreneurial Wedding Professionals, yes that's you! One Day WEDx Seminars and two hour WEDx Workshops, training aids and courses for people who are serious about their Wedding Business.

During your full day seminar, you'll hear from the glitterati, legends and mavericks working within the Wedding Industry. Each speaker will hold a Q&A Session following their talk to ensure that your burning questions get answered. To top it off, you'll have the invaluable opportunity of networking with a community of like-minded people.

You'll leave pumped and motivated with their words resounding in your ears, and a refuelled passion for your work. Ready to kick ass and escalate your wedding business, knowing that you can not only survive, but thrive. Our speakers will show you how.

Our Workshops offer you quality, straight-talking and affordable training. They cover the important topics that you need to keep updated and informed and one step ahead of the crowd. Presented by masters in their fields, perfect for beginners and those that want to update their skills. 

Subjects covered: Blogging for Your Business, Pinterest, Instagram, Confidence & Business Success, Mindset, Data Protection & Consumer Law, Facebook, Twitter, Mindset, and many more...

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What makes WEDx different?

Our events are more than boring conferences. No yawning here.

We add a dollop of fun, a pinch of music and a serious amount of networking.

Catering to the whole of the UK, we provide a unique opportunity to hear from, and question, leaders of the Wedding Industry. Our speakers are handpicked to ensure that all areas of the industry are covered; their chosen topics provide groundbreaking insights, relevant to us all.

These are talks that you won't want to miss.  

Since being a speaker at the first WEDx Wyboston I booked 8 coaching clients ... Thank you Tracy for the opportunity to speak. It also massively raised my profile...because of WEDx I got to speak at Planners Extraordinaire in Dubai to 100 Luxury clients. I’m still getting good things now from it.
— Lisa Johnson of Carmela Weddings & Just Own This

Meet the Host

Meet the Host


You're in good hands

WEDx is brought to you by Tracy Butterfield, Director of Appleby Events.  Ask Tracy what she does and she will say "I champion Wedding Professionals".  A major connector within the wedding community, she's passionate about inspiring, motivating and building communities. 

Tracy is wedding hardcore. Referred to as a rock in the industry, "cut her in half and you'll see 'Weddings' running through her!" As an image consultant she worked on her first wedding some 20 years ago and since then has held positions as a wedding planner and co-ordinator at two stately homes, Operations Manager at a 5 star hotel, plus GM of both a Golf and Event Club and a Gastro Pub as well as running her own music and entertainment venue.

It’s fair to say that she’s seen the business of weddings, hospitality and customer service from all sides.

TJ Butterfield Founder of WEDx - Wedding Business Seminars

In 2014 her passion for the wedding industry and those that work tirelessly within it, led to her founding the Four Counties Wedding Awards (4CWA), recognising and rewarding the excellent customer service of those in the wedding industry. 4CWA has fast become a community that brings together and supports its members.

Fast forward to 2017 and the desire to create unique events for the wedding industry that would weducate, inspire and motivate was realised in the formation of WEDx. Tracy is very comfortable on stage sharing her own expertise and knowledge whilst hosting each WEDx event and the always engaging Q&A session with the speakers.

Bringing together wedding glitterati, legends and mavericks, Tracy has created stimulating events and workshops. WEDx is for those that are serious about taking their businesses to another level and who are ready to connect and collaborate, and have fun doing it.  

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#Take the leap.

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