WEDx Workshops: Photography for Social Media

Do you scroll through Instagram with a sigh? is your layout feeling more nay-out? Join multi award winning photographers Lina and Tom for a photography 101 so you can start to create great imagery on social media and a feed to be proud of.

They'll talk through the fundamentals of photography such as composition and light, what works on different platforms as well as some top tips and tricks, before a collaborative practical session allows you to try out what you have learnt under their guidance.

What to bring: Your smart phone and/or a camera if you wish. An item you might photograph as part of your business.
If you bring a camera make sure you are shooting to a memory card.

SM Photography.png

When? Where? PRICE Tickets

The Barns Hotel, Bedford To Be confirmed


If you are a Venue looking to grow your wedding business, we can offer you bespoke WEDx Workshops for your staff and Recommended Suppliers. We will hold your chosen workshop at your venue at a convenient time for you. If this is something you're interested in, please get in touch at

Not only have I learnt new things but I have come away feeling really pleased that I made the decision to attend. I was warmly welcomed, able to speak to others and not feel awkward and now I look forward to the next workshop.
— Clare Tam In Photography at WEDx Instagram Workshop
Excellent! Very useful, great value for money.
— Dan Nicholson of JN Sounds at WEDx Instagram Workshop
The expert was clear, concise, knowledgeable and open to questions. The Workshop was really insightful and eye opening. Excellent!
— John Woodward Photography at WEDx Instagram Workshop